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Replay Poker TOC

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Replay Poker TOC

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Welcome to the Paradise Poker League:
This is an adult-oriented league and you must be 18 to join. Our Staff strives to make the character of this league a party atmosphere, full of fun and laughter. We enjoy being with friends and meeting new ones. We play No Limit poker tourneys in Replay Poker. This is playtime, a time to relax. It's just a game, so try and be a good sport whether you win or lose. Please show respect to the Staff and Members. Our Staff is a team committed to make our league a better one so comments or suggestions will be welcomed by any of our Staff. Please feel free to IM or e-mail them. We hope your experience with us will be an enjoyable one.

League News and Info:
We are not a strict league all about rules but we do want our members to have a good time and relax and enjoy themselves; therefore, we will enforce any rules that will assure that our members are not harassed or stalked or verbally abused in any way. The TD in each tourney will, at his/her discretion, have control of the tourney and decide whether a player is to be removed from the tourney. We will welcome any suggestions or complaints made by e-mail or IM, but keep in mind that we value our staff as well as our members and we hope that we are not asked to get involved in personal conflicts. If it involves the league, it will be brought to the attention of all the staff and as a team we will decide if any action needs to be taken. And remember our objective - to have fun and laugh and joke around.

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